Exterior House Cleaning

Having your house regularly cleaned by Softwash will benefit you in two main ways.

            • First, it will give you the pleasure of owning a clean, fresh looking house or building without the headache of having to do it yourself.
            • Second, by having the algae and mould cleaned regularly you will save money, ensuring the life expectancy of your paint by removing the culprits that break it down.

Our unique Softwash process is not aggressive on your house exterior.

Our house and building wash covers the spouting exterior, eaves, windows (with our unique 'Blade & Finesse' window treatment option) and cladding (everything from weatherboard, Hardiplank, plaster, stucco and even cedar). 

We can clean ALL types of house & building surfaces with no harsh pressure used.

This will protect your exterior surfaces and extend their life span by years.

Want to know more?  Call us today on 0800 GO SOFTWASH or email office@softwash.co.nz


The house below required a soft wash.  Had it been water-blasted it would have destroyed the paint surface, due to the lichen roots penetrating through the paint.






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