5 Reasons Why You Should Say 'YES' To Softwash

Exterior Building Cleaning & Property Maintenance

Softwash are the original, authentic, no-pressure cleaners!
  1. Our Softwash process gently neutralizes, removes and cleans mould, algae and other grime that are damaging to the paint, leaving your house or building looking new again without using harsh water pressure! We have applications to suit roofs, fences, driveways, paving, cobbles. In addition to our cleaning services we offer spider and general insect treatment plus rodent control. By protecting your investment you will save yourself money in the long run.
  2. We provide a free quote so you can know exactly what the job will cost without any hidden surprises.
  3. Service and Follow-up - Rest assured in your investment with us, our customer service representative gives a follow up phone call to all house and building washes within days of the job being carried out. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.
  4. Safe Products - We use a range of products to suit each job type including organic.
  5. Fast, Efficient Service - We will commence your job with a sense of urgency in mind.

Contact Softwash on 0800 GO SOFTWASH or email office@softwash.co.nz to discuss your FREE quote today.